Ecological and Sustainable Tourism in Ecuador

Who We Are

Ecotraveler Ecuador was born with the mission to establish a new concept of tourism in Ecuador, basing its principles and philosophy to contribute to sustainable development of this industry, incorporating in its proposal the three main aspects that make this type of development: Conservation and environmental preservation, progress and economic development and fair and responsible society involvement.

Our proposal is to generate local development, change consumption patterns, be more equitable in the use of services and strengthening small entrepreneurs, always maintaining environmental awareness that allows the proper management of natural resources, protection of fragile ecosystems, conservation of the biodiversity and control of pollution, being inclusive and involving disadvantaged and vulnerable groups into tourism as: indigenous groups, women's organizations, farmers, and producers, thereby converting tourism in a transverse axis of sustainable development in Ecuador.



Ecotraveler Ecuador is a company made by professionals specialized in ecotourism and business management with enough years of Experience leading groups of tourist under the highest standards of quality, safety and social-environmental responsibility, allowing us to ensure that your trip in Ecuador will be a memorable Experience.


Our service proposal breaks the margins of traditional tourism in Ecuador and offers tourists a new range of destinations and sustainable activities that seek to revolutionize the market by creating unique experiences where the involvement of different indigenous communities, protected areas and environmental education are components fundamentals of our services, always managing the highest standards of quality in the different tourist packages.


Among many countries to visit in the world, choosing a destination can be complicated. However, if we consider wonderful Andean landscapes, a combination of tropical forests from the cloud forest to the magical Amazonian jungle, incredible beaches and enchanted islands in the Pacific Ocean, then your next destination is ECUADOR.


We focus on four main groups of travelers, for whom we have developed travel proposals around Ecuador with different activities that seek to meet the needs of each of these groups.
In this way: Millennials, Families, Wildlife travelers and Baby Boomers are welcome to contact us and to live one of the most extraordinary experiences of traveling in Ecuador.

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